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Artis Palm Brush – how to put on make-up in five minutes?

Each of us has probably heard about foundation applicators. These gadgets are really great. But do you know Artis Palm Brush? The applicator is number one among brushes and other make-up accessories. Lots of women have fallen in love with the

What make-up for teenager? First make-up experience

There comes a moment in the life of a young girl that she decides to perform her first make-up. Wise mums don’t prohibit make-up, but help to choose such cosmetics, which will emphasise the advantages of youthful skin, and not do

How to avoid cake face? Use these products with caution

There are some cosmetics that we should dose with caution and use the smallest amounts. Why? If you apply a few layers of foundation or mascara, your face might not look nice and the eyelashes can be stuck together and clumped.

Eye shadows instead of foundation? New idea for quick make-up

You no more need foundation, powder or blusher. Why? This season is all about make-up performed with eye shadows only. Let’s see how you can execute make-up in a way that will provide you with beautiful appearance and at the same

Make-up accordingly to autumn trends

Autumn season will be dominated by soft colours on the eyelids and strong, dignified colours on nails and lips. However, not all of us can create a perfect nude make-up. Usually, we use monochromatic shades, which we put on the entire

Face contouring with new Yves Saint Laurent Couture Contouring Palette

Nowadays, no woman can live without face contouring. Such make-up improves face appearance and helps create natural make-up. If you care about feeling beautiful and exceptional, try new Yves Saint Laurent, Couture Contouring Palette. Palette from Yves Saint Laurent has golden

Lancome Blush Subtil Cushion

Lancome always wants you to have a perfect make-up, therefore it has created a blush – Blush Subtil Cushion. There is nothing strange about the product except… it is in a form of a cushion. What is the effect? See it