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Eyelash care step by step. What eyelash serum is the best?

Do you know what to do, to look and feel good? When it comes to women, makeup has a great significance. However, the makeup will never be perfect if you have thin and sparse lashes. What to do to make them

High porosity hair oiling. What does damaged hair need?

When it comes to damaged hair care, delicacy is the most important step because it is very easy to worsen the condition of highly porous hair. At the same time, it requires stronger action, which is why high porosity hair oiling differs slightly

What about eyelashes? Best lash care methods

Not every woman dreams about extra long lashes that would reach the sky. Nevertheless, most of us would like to have longer and thicker lashes as they are the factors that enhance the look. That is the reason why we get
highlighting foam strips

ColorCuts Highlighting Foam Strips – A Modern Solution For Every Hair Salon

ColorCuts Highlighting Foam Strips – A Modern Solution For Every Hair Salon The best hairdressing salon is one where hairdressers are constantly upgrading their skills and standards of their services. High-quality equipment and hairdressing cosmetics are the basis for achieving perfect hairstyles.

DIY – Man’s cosmetic for beard growth with Argan Oil

There is not much information about cosmetics for men. In spite of all, we live in times when care of, e.g. beard should not surprise anyone. For this reason we want to introduce tutorial for men (or women who want to

Greasy scalp? Castor oil! Natural cleansing extract by MonRin.

If you suffer from having constantly greasy hair, then you have to be aware of the fact that the most important issue is to eliminate the culprit of this problem. Being in control of your scalp’s condition and sebum it produces

Best-Sellers! 5 Top Keratin Masks That Will Revive Your Ruined Hair!

Would you like your hair to be luminous, optimally moisturized and silky smooth? A salon treatment is an option but getting a good keratin mask is a better alternative. Why? Because it gives long-term, not only temporary, effects! Plus, it is