What about eyelashes? Best lash care methods

Not every woman dreams about extra long lashes that would reach the sky. Nevertheless, most of us would like to have longer and thicker lashes as they are the factors that enhance the look. That is the reason why we get more interested in what’s good for our lashes. Below, you will find a few reliable methods of lash care.

Instead of spending significant amounts of money on lash extensions, we can simply reach for natural oils or lash serums! Everyone should be able to find something suitable for themselves because each method is the answer to different needs. Regardless of which way you decide to follow, its aim is the same – to strengthen lashes and make them look perfect.


Lash Serum – products that are designed to reinforce and boost lash growth are usually concentrated nourishing formulas made of, for instance, plant extracts that work intensively on the roots of eyelashes. Women tend to go for products that promise to bring visible results quickly. The most popular and most effective serums can be found on online forums and websites devoted to lash care, for example, http://rankingeyelashserum.co.uk/. They are definitely worth looking through in the search for the perfect treatment.

Castor oil – natural Castor oil is often recommended as a home-made lash conditioner. It will not have as intense action as the above-mentioned serums. What is more, the oil is a lot more difficult o apply due to its thickness. However, if we decide to start the treatment, our lashes will be stronger, shinier, slightly darker and better nourished,

Vaseline (petroleum jelly) – some women believe in the conditioning power of vaseline, however, its influence on the length and thickness of the lashes has never been confirmed. Nevertheless, it can be used as a support for other methods of care because it creates a protective layer on their surface. This way, it prevents moisture loss and protects against harmful factors.

Olive oil – and alternative to Castor oil. You must be aware of the fact that it will not increase the length of your lashes. It mostly enhances the nourishment and moisture level as protects against harmful factors. It brings better results when massaged into the eyelids, this way it stimulates their blood circulation.

Mascara – Using a mascara enriched with a complex of nourishing ingredients is the best solution for lazy people. You can make your lashes look beautiful and provide nourishment throughout the day thanks to the content of valuable ingredients. However, this method should not be treated as an alternative to serum because even the best mascara is designed to paint lashes in the first place, and take care of them secondly. The effects are less visible than in comparison to a serum, however, it is still better than a traditional mascara.