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Eyelashes – Wedding Version. What to Use instead of Falsies?

Full, thick and long eyelashes are the inseparable attribute of every bride. Lots of women, in the pursuit of up-to-the-sky lashes, decide on applying falsies. It happens that the effect doesn’t get through the whole wedding party. False lashes, after all,

Coconut oil – a natural cosmetic. How does it work in hair care?

It is very often one of the key ingredients of many cosmetics although, many prefers using it on its own in a pure form. Nevertheless, coconut oil is an irreplaceable means of everyday struggle for beautiful and healthy hair. The properties

Eyelash care step by step. What eyelash serum is the best?

Do you know what to do, to look and feel good? When it comes to women, makeup has a great significance. However, the makeup will never be perfect if you have thin and sparse lashes. What to do to make them

High porosity hair oiling. What does damaged hair need?

When it comes to damaged hair care, delicacy is the most important step because it is very easy to worsen the condition of highly porous hair. At the same time, it requires stronger action, which is why high porosity hair oiling differs slightly

What about eyelashes? Best lash care methods

Not every woman dreams about extra long lashes that would reach the sky. Nevertheless, most of us would like to have longer and thicker lashes as they are the factors that enhance the look. That is the reason why we get
best brow lamination kit nanobrow

Do you already know about the sensational at-home brow lamination? Get to know Nanobrow Lamination Kit

Are your brows messy, bushy and uncooperative? Imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up every day with eyebrows that look neat, beautiful and in perfect shape. Thanks to Nanobrow Lamination Kit it’s possible! Get to know a great long-wear brow

How did it all begin? Latisse eyelash conditioner

We have started taking care of the condition and look of our lashes many moons ago. Indeed, people have been interested in the topic for a very long time. Although the needs of lashes have remained unchanged, these are the methods