RANKING: The Best Thermal Protection for Hair. Perfect Prior to Blow Drying!

What thermal protection spray should you choose to keep the hair safe during heat styling? You don’t need to wonder about this any longer because we know the answer to that question! No longer do you need to compare the properties, sizes and reviews about heat protectants because we’ve already done that for you. Check out the below ranking of the best thermal protection for hair.


A good quality thermal protection spray is a product that – apart from keeping your hair from heat damage – is formulated with nutrients for better-looking strands. Such products should be non-greasy as well Additionally, such a product shouldn’t be costly. Positive reviews is yet another issue that is worth checking before making a purchase. Taking all of this into account, we have selected five heat protectants that – in our humble opinion – are the best.

Thermal protection for hair NO 1: NANOIL HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY

More information – www.nanoil.us

Even though this product is fairly new, it has already managed to win recognition among the users. Nanoil offers amazing products that can be used for washing, conditioning and nourishing the hair. Recently they have added three more products to the regular offer, among which there is one true gem – heat protection spray. With this product you keep your hair safe even when exposed to high temperatures, reaching 450°F/230°C! Additionally, Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray makes hair look prettier by boosting shine and promoting smoothness. This lightweight formula enriched with silk proteins doesn’t drag hair down, but makes it stronger. Sounds like a product you want to try out? Visit: nanoil.us

Thermal protection for hair NO 2: KEVIN MURPHY EVER SMOOTH

Although its price is pretty high – too high for some users – don’t strike it off. If you can afford it, give it a try because Ever Smooth is one of the highest quality heat protectants on the market. Every product launched by Kevin Murphy is of the highest quality, which makes the brand remain one of the best. The same applies to their heat protectant that has a thought-out and – without a doubt – unique formula containing tree bark, lemon aspen extract and white cypress extract. Together, these ingredients strengthen and take care of dry and weak strands. You can find it in high-end hair salons, but Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth can be also used at home – you don’t need to be a professional hairdresser to know how to use it. 

Thermal protection for hair NO 3: OUAI HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY

Fairly atypical, one of the few hair protectants closed in an aerosol bottle. Even though this form won’t make it last long, it definitely makes application easy. There is another plus to mention – when in aerosol form, the bottle distributes less product. This is beneficial mostly for thin and fine hair, which is easy to weigh down. Actually, thick and heavy hair may like OUAI Heat Protection Spray as well because it doesn’t contribute to a greasy scalp. This lightweight mist protects the hair against 450°F/230°C, at the same time shielding it against heat damage. The formula is rich in thermal polymers, keeping the effect of color treatment last longer.

Thermal protection for hair NO 4: SCHWARZKOPF OSIS+ FLATLINER

That’s a well-known heat protectant for hair that prevents hair from losing moisture during blow drying. Despite being an affordable product, it lacks nourishing substances. It doesn’t last long either. However, when analyzing its effectiveness, Schwarzkopf Osis+ Flatliner is pretty impressive. It can be used prior to blow drying as well as before heat styling. Interestingly, the producer recommends spraying the hair with Flatliner also in the summer, to protect the strands from UV and the strong sunlight. Some users point out that this heat protectant leaves their hair a bit stiff, especially when they use too much.

Thermal protection for hair NO 5: CHI 44 IRON GUARD

Here’s another affordable heat protectant that suits every pocket. As one of the few, CHI 44 Iron Guard should be applied to dry hair. For that reason it works best if you want to use a curling wand or a flat iron. The protective coating keeps hair safe from the damage caused by high temperatures and promotes smoothness. It is formulated with so-called Cationic Hydration Interlink that locks water inside the hair, thus preventing dehydration and splitting. CHI 44 Iron Guard is said to work best for dry hair that has lost its elasticity and is prone to frizz.