Nanolash Eyelash Serum. What should you know about it?

nanolash eyelash serumUnchallenged winner of eyelash serum rankings is Nanolash. According to its consumers, it is the best lashes growth enhancing serum available on the market. You read all that information and you just don’t believe it. No surprise, because it is really difficult to find perfect cosmetic these days. Let us explain why Nanolash is all that!

Find out if we fell in love with this product.

3 ml of capacity

We have received really nice parcel. Nanolash was delivered in a cart box with soft protection stuffing. Inside was smaller, black packaging that we liked very much. We just love this matt black with silver writings. True elegance. Packaging holds a phial with 3 ml capacity with the same design. Our testers confirmed that it was nice to place such bottle in the visible place in the bathroom, like lighted shelf or by the mirror. Bottle of Nanolash serum is made of great quality materials, writings do not come off and phial is stable enough to be placed vertically.

4 key properties

Now, it is time for effects! Nanolash eyelash serum is a cosmetic with four main properties – strengthens, thickens, curls and provides length. Of course, it all depends on the lashes condition and how easily they can be subjected to ingredients. We all know it well enough that effects can be different for everyone. And so, people with naturally dense lashes will not observe any thickening. It was all confirmed with our testers.

Tester No. 1 had fine and short lashes. There were no deficits in her lashes line, but colour of eyelashes was light. It is because she is blond. For her, treatment with Nanolash brought great effects. Lashes were thicker and longer for about 3-5 mm. What is truly interesting is that Nanolash darken her lashes and they are now very expressive.

Tester No. 2 had very dark and long, but extremely fine lashes when the test started. In her case, the least expected effect was length. Regular use of Nanolash eyelash serum has made her lashes denser. In places where eyelashes deficits were, after her last allergy to mascara, started to grow new lashes. After finished treatment, her eyelashes were dense, thick and more glossy.

Tester No.3 had probably the biggest problem with her eyelashes. They were very short and weak after years of wearing extensions. What is more, they were matt, stiff and fine. Nanolash serum has significantly improved their condition. longer eyelashes with nanolashHer lashes are now darker, more glossy and much more elastic. On top of that, they are better rooted and do not fall out that excessively. Serum has made them thicker, denser and longer. Currently her lashes are expressive, slightly curled and very soft.

30 seconds a day

Nanolash serum is the best cosmetic when it comes to application. You take thin, orange brush and apply serum on upper lashes line with one stroke. Application of product resembles use of eyeliner, but is much simpler. How is that even possible? Well, you don’t have to worry about the edges, because Nanolash is colourless and absorbs immediately. Manufacturer recommends application of product on clean and dry eyelid after make-up removal, so girls have decided to do that at bedtime. The entire thing takes no more than a minute a day! At first, you have to remember about regular use. However, after first week, use of Nanolash becomes part of everyday routine. Apparently it is impossible to forget about it.

7-9 weeks of patience

When can you expect effects of use Nanolash? Our tests indicate that this is also an individual matter. Our office volunteers started using Nanolash the same day. First effects of strengthening could be observed after a week of application. It is probable that it is related to the condition of lashes at the start, which were the most damaged. Another tester has observed greater length after 3 weeks. The longest to experience results was the last tester, whose lashes started thicken after 5 weeks. An average time of treatment took 2 months, but all girls had longer, denser and most of all healthier lashes. It is worth to mention that one packaging of serum is expected to last even up to six months!

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