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Everything You Should Know about Acne Scars!

Contrary to appearances, acne doesn’t concern teenagers only. This skin condition and scarring bother 20 and 30-year-olds. It’s good to know, then, how to get rid of the spots, pigmentation marks, and acne scars yet most of all how to prevent

Lovely, Supple Body? Easy to Achieve at Home!

Getting a supple body isn’t a tricky task. You just need to approach your daily skin-care routine a bit differently. A body lotion isn’t the only thing you can make use of. There are some evergreen gadgets and products that are

How to perform a face massage?

Do you know what to do to make your skin beautiful and healthy all the time? Give it a face massage! This procedure improves blood circulation, speeds up the absorption of ingredients contained in cosmetics, and relaxes. What is more, it

Caviar Skin Care: Skin Caviar Essence-In-Lotion by La Prairie

La Prairie brand is known for creating luxurious cosmetics with the content of caviar. Many women around the world are satisfied with the effects of these products. See for yourself if you will also become a fan of the new serum

How to take care of neck and chest? The best cosmetics and treatments

Do you know that skin on your neck and chest reveals your age? If it isn’t provided with proper care, it loses its firmness and natural colouration whereas gains wrinkles and discolouration. If you really want to have smooth and beautiful

Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold – luxurious body and hair care

Milk with honey is the most delicious when we have a lie-in during cold evening, covered with a warm blanket. Apart from being tasteful, these two ingredients are effective in beauty care, which is proven by the latest Oriflame cosmetic series.

Method for beautiful complexion? Parsley water to replace toner

Skin care is a complex process that requires adjustment of care products for particular skin type and the problems we face. Not every product will be suitable, for example for acne, sallow, irritated or skin with broken capillaries. Fortunately, there is