Eyelash care step by step. What eyelash serum is the best?

Do you know what to do, to look and feel good? When it comes to women, makeup has a great significance. However, the makeup will never be perfect if you have thin and sparse lashes. What to do to make them stronger? How should an eyelash care look like?

Many women are not aware of the fact that lashes require as much attention as hair or skin. These tiny hairs growing on the eyelids are built the same as the hair on the head, hence the use of a serum is necessary. What distinguishes the eyelash serum from the hair product is primarily the way of application and action.

A hair conditioner is usually applied to the entire hair, omitting the scalp area. Depending on the type of conditioner, it will rebuild hair (protein) or prevent water loss and smoothen (emollient). In the case of eyelashes, it is the least important to act on the whole lash, that is why the less effective are serums with a brush, for example, in the form of a mascara. Eyelash serum with a thin, pointy applicator is much more effective. In this case, the serum is easily applied to the base of the lashes. Why is precision in the eyelash serum application so important?

Health and beauty of eyelashes depend on the condition of the bulbs, therefore, an eyelash serum must be applied to the lash line, in order to reach the follicles as quickly as possible. Strengthened, nourished and moisturised bulb is the key to long, strong and elastic lashes. The effects are important, the method of application counts, however, none of this would be beneficial it wasn’t for the ingredients.

What should a good eyelash serum contain? There are a few particular ingredients that are significant when it comes to lash care. In order to improve the appearance and condition of your lashes, make sure to look for serum with the content of: iron (increases growth), zinc (regenerates lashes), silicon (strengthens and enhances elasticity), vitamins (A, C, E, H) and keratin (the key structural material making up lashes). What’s more, eyelash serums often contain moisturising soothing, nourishing ingredients thanks to which they perfectly take care of eyelashes and ensure their optimal growth.

It is worth remembering about an everyday, regular care. Furthermore, lashes cannot be overburden with harmful procedures (such as applying eyelash extensions), it is advisable to reduce the use of an eyelash curler and waterproof cosmetics. The makeup removal should be gentle and done with the use of alcohol-free cosmetics. An eyelash serum is still the most important. The serum must be used on a daily basis before bedtime, after cleansing the eyelids thoroughly.