“It suits me, more or less” – How to choose eye shadow accordingly to the eye colour?

eye-colour.jpgWhen buying eye shadows, you usually get suggested by novelties.

Good advertisement in media.

Favourite cosmetic brand.

And the thought: “wow, I don’t have this colour”.

As a result in your cosmetic bag you have stashed enormous number of eye shadows you never use, because when you applied them for the first time, there was “something just not right about them”.

The most probable is that they are wrongly chosen for your skin complexion and eye colour.

The secret to right colours lies in a simple rule, which additionally requires some colouristic crib sheet.

Just look at your iris. What colour does it have? Perhaps it is a mix of few shades? There happen to be blue eyes with some grey, azure or green mixed with it. Brown eyes can have golden or green shades. Remember these colours then reach for so called colour wheel. It is available on the Internet or shop for artists. Colours on the colour wheel are always placed the same way and are a universal colour scheme, according to which work painters, designers and make-up artists.

Now find shade of your iris on the wheel. Ready? Great. Directly on the other side of the colour of your eyes is the colour that suits them best. If, for example your eyes are blue you should choose shades of warm brown, copper and orange. However, if your eyes are brown – best colours for them will be colours of blue and navy blue.

When choosing eye shadow colours remember also that it should go well with skin complexion – tone and pigmentation. Cold shade of skin does not look good in warm colours, so it is better to avoid deep red. Ladies, who have warm skin tone should avoid cold colours.

Great solution is use of neutral shades that suit all skin complexions and every iris colour. Therefore, for eye shadows in nude and grey shades it is worth to spend greater amount of money. It is going to be good investment – creating base for everyday make-up. For experiments with colour, choose more affordable cosmetics. Good Luck!

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