Lashcode. Five qualities that make it the best mascara

Lashcode - the perfect mascaraIn the competition for the title of the best mascara there is just one winner – Lashcode. It’s the only such a mascara that provides flawless definition and conditions eyelashes already with the first coat. It’s time to recognize five qualities that make Lashcode the best mascara.

It’s a fact, a good mascara is the core of successful make-up. However, women agree that finding a mascara which brings out natural beauty of lashes without leaving them clumpy is hardly possible. Fancy shapes of mascara wands combined with thick formulas don’t always serve their purpose well. Keep reading to find out how to tell which mascara is the best.

What makes a mascara good?

The key is looking for the product in other places than drugstores only. It turns out that the Internet is an endless source of inspiration and beauty supplies that are worth testing. When it comes to mascara in particular, it’s advised to focus on a few aspects before spending money on it. The very factors are: brand, price, composition, consistency, brush and whether the product is long-wearing. The best mascara is the one which composition is natural, that is enriched with lash conditioning substances, has light and durable formula, and goes with a silicone wand.

All the qualities of a good mascara are possessed by Lashcode. It’s the best mascara you can get. Want to know why?

The best mascara – Lashcode

Introducing this product into the market caused quite a razzle-dazzle because it appeared that a good mascara doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatically expensive, and that long-lasting definition isn’t always connected with difficulties in applying a product. Women felt in love with Lashcode mostly because of the incredible effects it delivers.

If you aren’t sure whether Lashcode mascara is right for you, keep reading the article to learn five qualities of this cosmetic. After all, these five factors make Lashcode the best mascara on the market.

Five qualities that make Lashcode the best mascara:


The thing that makes Lashcode stand out is that it displays more than just one feature. It serves a few purposes therefore it beautifies eyelashes in such a way that no other mascara is able to. Just one coat suffice to turn your look around. Lashcode:

  • smooths and adds body to lashes from the base to the tips
  • gives buildable volume
  • darkens and lifts lashes up
  • separates lashes perfectly for natural effect


The greatest advantage of Lashcode over the other mascaras is its natural composition. It isn’t only deprived of all potentially harmful substances, e.g. parabens, but also is enriched with a blend of lash conditioning ingredients, and among them are soy germ extract, wheat germ extract, skullcap root extract, arginine, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E. Owing to these substances, Lashcode mascara is able to nourish, moisturise and take care of eyelashes for the entire time we wear make-up.


Another good side of the Lashcode mascara is its silicone wand. It isn’t just a regular applicator but a well-designed wand shaped to reach each, even the smallest eyelash no matter the size or shape of eyes. Moreover, Lashcode applicator is made of the highest quality, hypoallergenic and very elastic material. It faces no problems in adjusting to the shape of eyes and due to the bristle that gets shorter at the tips of the wand, it’s able to grab the shortest lashes growing in the corners of eyes.


Lashcode isn’t a waterproof mascara, however, it’s long-wearing and resistant to smudges and crumbling off for 24 hours since being applied. This is a mascara designed to handle special tasks so we don’t have to bother about touch ups because the effect remains untouched. The maximal hold goes here hand in hand with effortless make-up removal, which is owed to the non-waterproof formula.


Lashcode composition features ultra-black mineral pigment that makes the mascara maximally saturated and good at conditioning eyelashes. The consistency is yet another positive aspect of this product. Application of the mascara is effortless with no clumping or eyelid staining. And this is another feature of Lashcode that makes it the best mascara on the market.

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17 Comments “Lashcode. Five qualities that make it the best mascara”

  1. Shiva

    Sensational product. I’m so happy it’s in my beauty bag, it’s gonna stay there looong 🙂

  2. courtney_sweet

    Using it & loving it <3

  3. Katelyn

    This intense black is so awesome !

  4. BeccaF

    I once had and really liked lashcode 🙂 Excellent quality, ideal consistency till the last drop! I’ll be happy to repurchase this one 🙂

  5. Lianaa

    I’m currently using this mascara and like it, really <3 and I like it even more after seeing it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes

  6. Leah

    It’s the first time I hear about this mascara, tbh, the very bottle makes me wanna buy it 😀

  7. sophia_d

    this product is extremely long wear, gives nice lift and extension but I wish it made my lashes thicker too

  8. Katya

    I guess I’ll end up buying lashcode after reading your reviews 😀

  9. haley_next_door

    My mom had and loved it, it both gave lovely lash definition and made her lashes stronger

  10. TaraB

    I’m curious about this mascara

  11. Georgia_Girl

    I already have my mascara to die for 😀 but who knows, I might fall for it one day, it’s good to test new products from time to time 🙂

  12. Wild_Lilics

    Very encouraging review

  13. Marissa

    I’ve just started searches for a new mascara

  14. Simple_Beauty

    I love the efect on my lashes, such pretty curl <3

  15. MarieAnn

    I’ve already come across lashcode but never had a chance of trying it

  16. SATC

    I’m now testing it and love it so far, really impressive 🙂

  17. Claire

    Got it and like it very very much 🙂 It’s the first silicone bristle brush which rworks for me. I used to be a fan of nylon brushes in mascara 🙂


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