How not to put on make-up? Most common mistakes

make-up-tips.jpgAlthough on average every third woman cannot imagine going out without make-up, most of them make basic mistakes while putting it on. It often happens because we are in a rush – it is hard to find the time for anything in the morning. Sadly, there are equally common mistakes which result from… ignorance!

Most women put on make-up in a very poor light. The shade and intensity of colours largely depends on the light which falls on them. Women usually like to put on make-up in the bathroom in strong and artificial light. It is the most comfortable because this is where we wash ourselves in the morning. Unfortunately, due to the bathroom lamps our make-up may seem less intensive than in the daylight. This is why, many women notice during the day that they have a big pink spot on their cheeks instead of a delicate blush.

How to make putting on make-up comfortable?

It is quite simple. A handy free standing mirror is enough. The most effective will be two-sided mirrors. The magnifying side will come in useful while painting the contour of the eye, drawing a cat line etc. You should sit at the steady table and put the mirror on it. Resting your elbows on the table will steady your position effectively – your hand will be less shaky thus the line will be perfectly even.

Another thing is improper make-up tools and sometimes no tools at all. We buy a powder and use a sponge that goes with it. The same is true about the eyeshadow and many other cosmetics. To make things worse, we wash the applicators very rarely. We must know that using dirty brushes is unhygienic and makes the cosmetics mix with each other. Consequently, we get a grey stain on the cheekbone instead of a delicate effect of brightening. Using poor quality applicators or not using them at all may bring similar effects. It is hard to put on a precise make-up withour proper tools.

What are the must-have make-up tools?

The most important thing is to invest in basic brushes and a comfortable foundation/powder applicator. By basic brushes we mean: fluffy and slightly angled brush for contouring, round and fluffy brush for the eyeshadow and a small angled brush perfect to make a precise eyeline or define the eyebrows. We choose a powder or foundation applicator depending on what suits us better. We can choose between: big and thick brushes, beautyblenders, puffs or soft sponges.

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