Dark circles around eyes? Solve this problem one of thee ways

skin-care.jpgDark circles around eyes are a nightmare of all overworked and exhausted women. Fighting against them is not the simplest task, though you need to know that there are effective ways to defeat them. Puffiness is easy to get rid of. Meet these tricks!

Are you just tired? No wonder, every morning you wake up with dark circles around eyes. You would gladly rest, but work or home obligations are not easy to put aside. The source of the problem lies in more than fatigue.

Causes for dark circles around eyes can be various:

  • dryness and skin ageing,
  • genetic conditions,
  • regular wear of glasses,
  • stress and inner tension,
  • too short sleep,
  • long hours in front of computer,
  • excess coffee, alcohol, cigarettes,
  • imbalanced and poor diet,
  • allergies, hormonal changes and other diseases.

As far as possible, make sure to eliminate the source of the problem. Sleep a bit longer, rest during the work in front of computer, switch glasses with contact lenses and enrich your diet with vegetables. How to eliminate dark circles around the eyes? That’s simple.

Method 1 – almond oil

Vegetable oil, in particular sweet almond oil, is rich in vitamin E, i.e. natural antioxidant. It moisturises, strengthens weak walls of epidermis and makes skin elastic. Just massage almond oil in skin around eyes, leave it over night and wash off the next morning (best with cold water).

Method 2 – rose water

Quite popular among women dealing with dark circles around eyes is natural rose water. It hold rejuvenating properties and eliminates discolourations. On top of it, it calms, what results with making skin less fatigued. Just place cotton pads soaked with rose water on closed eyelids and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Method 3 – raw potato

Juice from raw potato is believed to be potion of youth, due to content of vitamin complex (A, C, E, PP, H, B1, B2, B3, B9 and B12), amino acids and minerals (iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, bromide, silicon, cobalt). Natural ingredients from potato are the best method for dark circles around eyes. It lightens and minimises puffiness in a matter of few moments.

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