TOP DIY Brow Lamination Kits. RANKING of 6 Best Products for Comfortable and Safe Brow Lift at Home

brow lamination at home

Do you want your brows to look good all the time? Do you know that brow lamination will keep you from wasting time on doing the brows every day? Your arches will be fabulous immediately after you wake up! Eyebrow lamination is an extremely popular beauty treatment, and it’s been getting more and more wanted as soon as the first DIY products were launched. Check out our roundup of the best at-home brow lamination kits taking the cosmetic market by storm.

What Is Brow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is a perfect treatment for thick, unruly or thin, sparse brows. The best choice for all those who want to improve the looks of their eyebrows easily and stop worrying about everyday brow makeup. The treatment will help you get thicker, fuller brows and camouflage the gaps. Brow lamination produces long-lasting and truly natural results, working great for everyone. Eyebrow lamination involves straightening, lifting and holding brows in place by applying special products that improve hair softness and elasticity, which is why we can give them the desired shape.

Brow Lamination at Home – How to?

DIY brow lamination is getting more and more popular. Until recently the treatment was only performed by experienced brow artists. These days, however, the cosmetic market offers tons of quality at-home brow lamination kits so that you can do it yourself. For your DIY brow lamination, you need good products and clear directions that will lead you through the process step by step.

Brow Lamination – Contraindications

Eyebrow lamination is good for everyone unless there are some contraindications. In what cases is it forbidden?

  • acne and inflamed skin
  • conjunctivitis
  • eye diseases and infections
  • extremely dry skin
  • allergy to ingredients in the lamination products

TOP Kits for Brow Lamination at Home. Roundup of the Best Products for Eyebrow Lamination

#1 Nanobrow Lamination Kit

best kit for brow lamination at home

Price: attractive, good value for money

Cost-effectiveness: enough for 10 laminations

Contents: essential tools and products for at-home brow lamination

Where to buy it:, offline and online stores, beauty salons

Nanobrow Lamination Kit is a professional eyebrow lamination kit recommended by shoppers across the world. It contains all that’s essential for long-lasting brow lamination. You can up the result by tweezing and tinting. DIY brow lamination with this kit gets you thicker, defined eyebrows looking flawless. If you have thick and bushy or thin and patchy brows, then this lash lift kit is definitely a good choice. Nanobrow’s professional eyebrow lamination kit for home use will let you do 10 laminations, plus the results after each last for even 6 weeks. The practical brow kit for long-lasting results is easy to use so you can achieve the desired effects effortlessly. Nanobrow’s eyebrow lamination kit contains carefully-composed formulas that are safe for sensitive skin.

#2 RefectoCil Brow Lamination

Price: attractive, good value for money

Cost-effectiveness: enough for 10 laminations

Contents: essential tools and products for at-home brow lamination

Where to buy it:, offline and online stores, beauty salons

The DIY brow lamination kit from RefectoCil  is popular among shoppers. Too bad its price seems to high considering the effects, which may be a dealbreaker. Plus, it comes in uncomfortable packs, which may cause the products to lose their properties before your next lamination. The professional brow lift kit gives brows a nice lifted look and keeps them shaped for up to 6 weeks. It camouflages gaps, is easy to use, and goes well with brow tinting. Sadly, some users report allergic reactions, therefore, a patch test before use is recommended.

#3 Iconsign Brow Lamination Kit

Price: considering the quality of the product, it’s too high

Cost-effectiveness: enough for 5 laminations

Contents: tools and products for brow lamination at home

Where to buy it: available at online stores and marketplace websites

This popular DIY brow lamination kit delivers shine and a thicker, fuller brow look. It is good for all types of brows, specially weak, coarse, growing downwards. A good solution for every woman who’s not happy with her eyebrows. On the other hand, some shoppers complain about the irritating smell of the products. The easy-to-use brow lamination kit comes with detailed instructions that will lead you through the process. It’s also an effective lash lift kit. The results last for up to 5 weeks.

#4 Ardell Lamination Kit

Price: reflects the quality

Cost-effectiveness: enough for just 3 brow laminations

Contents: brushes, combs, products for brow lamination

Where to buy it: online

A full brow lamination kit that will let you laminate your brows at home. It includes all essential tools for a fast process going smoothly. The easy-to-use brow lift kit produces results lasting for around 4 weeks. It may be unsuitable for sensitive, allergy-prone skin. It’s good to do a patch test before use and make sure you don’t suffer from adverse reactions. This at-home brow lamination kit gives a peculiar effect of extremely bold, bushy brows, which may be a dealbreaker for some girls.

#5 Fleeky BrowLift

Price: too high, considering the product’s quality

Cost-effectiveness: enough for 8 laminations

Contents: brushes, combs, products for lamination

Where to buy it: available at online stores and marketplace websites

You can find this brow lamination kit in two size versions: Mini and Maxi. The price isn’t encouraging, but it’s surely a good product to tame unruly brows with. If you’re not sure whether at-home brow lamination is good for you, then you can try the mini version. The results after using the pro brow lift kit last for up to 6 weeks, which may be considered a flaw in case you don’t like the achieved brow look. Also, the shoppers complain about the irritating odor of the products, but the worst thing about the set is the uncomfortable packaging; the preparations come in pouches so you won’t close them tightly. Plus, you may pick up too much product and fail to achieve desired results.

#6 Sassy Saints Brow Lamination Kit

Price: could be lower for such quality

Cost-effectiveness: enough for 6 uses

Contents: products and accessories for brow lift

Where to buy it: you can find it online

The at-home brow lamination kit from Sassy Saints can create a fluffy brows look, which isn’t the effect every woman likes because of the peculiar lifted and bushy look. The brow lift kit produces results lasting for up to 5 weeks so if you happen to dislike them, then you may have problems getting rid of the new look. This set for DIY brow lamination contains all essential tools. It is enough for 6 uses, which will save your time and money. The pro brow lift kit requires some skill and may be tricky for those who’ve never done brow lamination before.

Is At-Home Brow Lamination Safe?

Eyebrow lamination is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment recommended for everyone; whether you have unruly and hard-to-tame brows or thin hairs lacking volume. Brow lift makes them appear thicker and fuller, and simply leaves them better looking. A good at-home brow lamination kit will let you save lots of time and money you would need to spend on salon treatments. Follow the manufacturer’s directions step by step to let the DIY brow kit work wonders on your brows!

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