How did it all begin? Latisse eyelash conditioner

We have started taking care of the condition and look of our lashes many moons ago. Indeed, people have been interested in the topic for a very long time. Although the needs of lashes have remained unchanged, these are the methods we adopt to treat the hair that have altered. Today, one of the most popular cosmetics, focusing its action on eyelashes, is Latisse.

It has been long known that eyelashes require to be supplied with a set of proper substances in order to develop well and reach their maximum length. In the past, it was castor oil which fulfilled this task. The truth is, this oil is popular even nowadays, yet today we know more on this subject. We are aware that eyelash oiling alone won’t provide us with what is the most important.

The substances needed by eyelashes are, among others: peptides, amino acids, proteins, pantothenol, biotin, B-group vitamins, hyaluronic acid and vegetable extracts.

Modern solution – Latisse

Currently, we’re reaching for eyelash serums more and more willingly. A well-composed product is a way to effective care. Most serums, including Latisse eyelash conditioner, has nourishing, moisturising and strengthening features. They reinforce work of bulbs, thanks to which lashes can grow faster and don’t fall out in considerable amounts. Frequently, eyelash serums provide lashes with protection and are able to rebuilt damaged structure of the hair.

All of these is possible due to reaching for innovative, technologically advanced solutions and ingredients developed under specialists control. The beginning of new eyelash care era doesn’t mean though that each eyelash serum is worth our attention or that it will be equally effective in every situation.

Who can take advantage of Latisse features? This is a conditioner which was designed to regenerate and strengthen naturally thin eyelashes. Those who want to make their look more defined by having more manageable lashes (while applying a mascara, for example) should be satisfied with the effects of this conditioner.

When it comes to the formula, this product rather doesn’t differ from other similar cosmetics – it’s a light, liquid, colourless serum of concentrated composition. However, it’s the form that makes Latisse stand out. To clarify, this product is small drops which have to be applied with the use of small spatulas that go with the packaging. In other words, Latisse is one of few eyelash conditioners sold without a regular brush, which many people consider as an obstacle.