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“It suits me, more or less” – How to choose eye shadow accordingly to the eye colour?

When buying eye shadows, you usually get suggested by novelties. Good advertisement in media. Favourite cosmetic brand. And the thought: “wow, I don’t have this colour”. As a result in your cosmetic bag you have stashed enormous number of eye shadows

Attention! Allergy! Make-up for allergy sufferers?

Warm rays of sun, fresh spring breeze do not always bring positive emotions. For many women, spring is the time of allergies which means never-ending hay fever, sneezing, runny nose, skin problems. The question is, how to do make-up in such

Artis Palm Brush – how to put on make-up in five minutes?

Each of us has probably heard about foundation applicators. These gadgets are really great. But do you know Artis Palm Brush? The applicator is number one among brushes and other make-up accessories. Lots of women have fallen in love with the

New blushers – Lily Lolo Cheek Duo

Lily Lolo is famous for creating mineral cosmetics. It has created two blushers Cheek Duo for the lovers of natural make-up: Coralista and Naked Pink. What is different about these cosmetics and how to apply them? Lily Lolo offers two blushers:

New face contouring method – Hearts with concealer

Face contouring is very popular make-up method. Moreover, more and more women performs this type of make-up. However, have you heard of face contouring with hearts? If not, this is a time to get to know this beauty trend. What is

What make-up for teenager? First make-up experience

There comes a moment in the life of a young girl that she decides to perform her first make-up. Wise mums don’t prohibit make-up, but help to choose such cosmetics, which will emphasise the advantages of youthful skin, and not do

How to avoid cake face? Use these products with caution

There are some cosmetics that we should dose with caution and use the smallest amounts. Why? If you apply a few layers of foundation or mascara, your face might not look nice and the eyelashes can be stuck together and clumped.