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“It suits me, more or less” – How to choose eye shadow accordingly to the eye colour?

When buying eye shadows, you usually get suggested by novelties. Good advertisement in media. Favourite cosmetic brand. And the thought: “wow, I don’t have this colour”. As a result in your cosmetic bag you have stashed enormous number of eye shadows

Eye shadows instead of foundation? New idea for quick make-up

You no more need foundation, powder or blusher. Why? This season is all about make-up performed with eye shadows only. Let’s see how you can execute make-up in a way that will provide you with beautiful appearance and at the same

Make-up accordingly to autumn trends

Autumn season will be dominated by soft colours on the eyelids and strong, dignified colours on nails and lips. However, not all of us can create a perfect nude make-up. Usually, we use monochromatic shades, which we put on the entire