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Soothing under eye patches DIY. How to get rid of dark under eye circles and puffiness?

Dark under eye circles? Bruising and swelling? If you are struggling with signs of fatigue or other imperfections around the eyes, prepare your own soothing patches. Thanks to such treatment, your skin will be perfectly smooth and radiant again. How to

Yeast. Is it possible to use it in skin care?

Many cosmetics are often enriched with yeast extracts. we can find them especially often in products designed for oily skin care, acne and seborrheic. Yeast has many valuable properties that are described in more details below. Here are some ways to

How to avoid cake face? Use these products with caution

There are some cosmetics that we should dose with caution and use the smallest amounts. Why? If you apply a few layers of foundation or mascara, your face might not look nice and the eyelashes can be stuck together and clumped.

How to nurture face and eye area skin? Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics Face Zone and Eyes Zone series

Every woman wants to have flawless skin face and beautiful eye area. Unfortunately, most of them cannot enjoy supple and radiant complexion. Those girls, who are still looking for beautifying and anti-ageing cosmetics, we recommend Eyes Zone and Face Zone products

Make-up accordingly to autumn trends

Autumn season will be dominated by soft colours on the eyelids and strong, dignified colours on nails and lips. However, not all of us can create a perfect nude make-up. Usually, we use monochromatic shades, which we put on the entire

Turmeric face mask – remedy for discolouration and rejuvenation

Turmeric is a spice that is not only perfect to enrich food flavours, but Indian women have been using it for centuries as a very good cosmetic which overcomes skin blemishes. Intense yellow and messy turmeric is the secret to beauty